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Archive January-June 2018

June 2018

herbert pontingWe enjoyed an excellent talk by Gary Shaeffer on Herbert Ponting - the photographer for Scott's last expedition to the Antarctic. HP took up photography as a hobby with no training and quickly established himself as an international competition winner and a travel and war correspondent in this young and fast changing art. He was selected from 100 applicants who applied to accompany Scott's second and last expedition to the Antarctic. It was always known that HP was never going to be one of those that attempted to reach the South Pole but knowing this HP taught those that did - photography. When the men were found after their ill-fated return journey so were their iconic photos taken at the Pole. Gary has a list of talks and I am planning to book him again.

April 2018

william bailey18 members and 32 visitors, including the Daventry Air Cadets, attended the peal of bells and service in memory of William Bailey, which The Friends of Daventry Museum hosted yesterday evening in Holy Cross Church. Afterwards we were treated to a very interesting talk on bell ringing by one of the ringers, Geoff Pullin. He covered the history, how they are made, how they are hung, how they work and how they are rung, and then answered many questions.

January 2018 Who do you think you are? Bring along your momento

We had a very successful evening event at which the 22 members who attended were the speakers. A variety of artefacts/mementos were brought along and there was an interesting story relating to each and every one of them. Thank you so much for sharing your story. We wouldn't presume to single out any one of them, as they are all worthy of mention. Hopefully, we can do something similar in the future as clearly there are a lot of stories that we would like to share amongst us. It was interesting that Welton was mentioned so many times!